Temple University

In the summer of 2021, the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs (UP FL) entered into a partnership agreement with the Beasley School of Law of Temple University, USA, to organise student and faculty exchange programs between the two institutions.

According to the agreement, students studying law at UP FL will have the opportunity to study abroad at Temple, while full-time lecturers of the faculty and doctoral students may participate in these exchange programs: Temple University's summer "Study Abroad" program and/or the "Temple Master of Laws for Foreign-Trained Lawyers LL.M" program, either during or after their studies at PTE, so alumni students can also join the program.

Possibilities for law students

According to the agreement, outgoing PTE students can become ‘Study Abroad’ students at Temple University. Their period of study abroad may be for a maximum of two semesters (minimum one semester). Applicant students will be selected by the sending institution (PTE), but Temple University will make the

final decision. Full-time law students who have successfully completed at least two academic years in Pécs are eligible to participate in the Study Abroad program. Tuition is required to be paid for education at Temple, the exact amount is outlined by Temple in their officially published tuition fee information each year.

The other important element of the collaboration is to create a dual degree program through which a law student of UP FL who has not yet finished his/her studies, but has successfully completed at least four academic years can obtain an LL.M. degree if he/she spends one academic year studying at Temple. Tuition is required for education at Temple, the exact amount outlined in the Temple LL.M Program officially published tuition fee information each year. Under the agreement, students from PTE will receive a 25% tuition discount.

Possibilities for lecturers and PhD-students

Concerning the lecturers and doctoral students’ exchange possibilities, Temple University will receive a maximum of two guest lecturers and doctoral students annually, for a maximum of one year. Temple will provide counsellors for the guest staff as well as access to teaching and research materials. Temple waives all application pr tuition fees for lecturers and doctoral students.

Outgoing lecturers and doctoral students from Pécs must meet the requirements for a Temple Visiting Lecturer, including adequate English language skills and funding for living in the United States.

The sending institution proposes the exchange of researchers’ names or applications, but the host university takes the final decision.

For more information, please contact international relations coordinator Katalin BODOR (bodor.katalin@ajk.pte.hu).