LL.M in European and International Business Law

The LL.M Programme is aimed at training professionals who will have a comprehensive knowledge of European and international economic and business law provisions and case law, of the complex legal regulation relating to economic processes taking place outside the European integration, and who will have a good command of legal English to use as a working language. The practice-oriented training both synthesizes and broadens the student’s existing knowledge mainly through the application of a comparative approach during the course, as a result of which the national, Union and international legal problems of the globalized business world are elaborated in a special way. In accordance with modern trends, the programme includes both work-in-group and coaching type courses. Our lecturers consist of theoretical and practising professionals of outstanding knowledge coming from universities, the business sector and the field of the appliers of law, which in itself may be regarded as an advantage of the LL.M Programme offered by the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs.

Students graduating from this course will be awarded the scientific title “Legum Magister” or “Master of Laws” (abbreviated to: LL.M). The title LL.M represents a significant advantage, among others, when applying for a job with international law firms, international courts, international government organizations and international civil organizations (NGOs), multinational companies and trade representations.