Ivana Tucak, PhD, assistant professor, Faculty of Law, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek

Born on 20th October 1975. After obtaining the degree of bachelor of law from the Faculty of Law, University in Osijek in 2001, she enrolled the master´s program Administrative and Political Science at the Faculty of Law, University in Zagreb, which she successfully completed in 2006 and obtained the title of master of science (LL.M.). She obtained a doctoral degree at the Law Faculty in Osijek in 2010 after she had defended her doctoral thesis Hohfeld´s Fundamental Legal Conceptions: Analysis, Criticism, Reception.
At the Faculty of Law in Osijek she teaches graduate students Theory of Law and State and Introduction to Law. She has published a number of scientific papers. The scope of her scientific interest involves theory of law and state, constitutional rights, ethics and bioethics.  

itucak@pravos.hr, ivana.tucak@gmail.com