Location: University of Pécs, Faculty of Law, 48-as tér 1. 7622 Pécs, Hungary
Duration: 2 semesters
Application details are available here
Contact: e-mail: llm@ajk.pte.hu
web: http://ajk.pte.hu/llm
phone: +36 72 501-500/23316


Accommodation and visa

A member of staff is in charge of providing our students with continuous assistance in the arrangement of visas and the choice of appropriate accommodation (students’ hostel or rented apartment).

The estimated cost of staying in Pécs (accommodation, transport, living expenses etc.), which may vary depending on the individual, amounts to approximately 3600 EUR/5000USD per semester.


Additional offers

  • For our students who are more deeply interested in European legal culture and the European legal system, an additional block of courses leading to a separate certificate is organized. The title of the block is Understanding Western Legal Culture and Law, and it comprises the following courses: Legal Cultures of the World; Comparative Governance in Central and Eastern Europe; and European Citizenship.
  • For brushing up and extending legal professional terminology, the Faculty offers two preparatory language courses: Preparatory Course in English; and Preparatory Course in Legal English: “Private law”.
  • At our Faculty students have successfully been prepared for the ILEC (International Legal English Certificate) exam by our teachers having several decades’ experience in teaching legal professional language. The students of our LL.M Programme may also take part in these courses.

Please note that an extra fee is charged for these courses.