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Pécs is the fifth largest town in Hungary with a population of about 158,000. It lies in the South-East of Transdanubia at the southern foot of the Mecsek Hills. Besides its outstanding regional role, the town is also Hungary’s gateway to Croatia, the Balkans and the North-Italian region. The vicinity of the Adriatic Sea, the town’s Mediterranean-type climate, the picturesque streets of its historical centre and the teeming summer evenings all evoke the atmosphere of Mediterranean countries.

Pécs is a beautiful place to study; you can be sure that you will find everything a student may wish for.

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The University of Pécs and Faculty of Law

With its ten faculties - Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resources Development, Faculty of Business and Economics, Illyés Gyula Faculty, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law, Medical School, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, Faculty of Sciences and Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology - the University of Pécs plays a significant role in Hungarian higher education. The University offers a broad range of training and degree programmes, ensuring high-level knowledge-transfer and research. With its students and nearly 2,000 teaching and research staff the impact of the University of Pécs extends well beyond the borders of Pécs.

The University of Pécs, Faculty of Law offers a modern learning and research environment. In the Centre for Learning students can find the majority of resources needed to successfully work and study. It has a total floor space of nearly 13 000 square meters. The building hosts community, cultural and leisure programmes and temporary exhibitions as well. The complete holdings of the University of Pécs consist of more than 1 million volumes. The Collection provides information and documents for its registered readers.

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The Faculty buildings are located in one block on a single campus. The buildings of the Faculty have been renovated with great care, preserving architectural authenticity and the patina of by-gone eras, and on the other hand, they have also been prepared for the technical challenges of the future. Students’ stay at the university is rendered more convenient and enjoyable by air-conditioned lecture halls designed by interior designers, pleasant student areas, a canteen, buffet, café and vending machines located in the corridors.

Students’ life

Apart from the major outstanding events, every Wednesday there is a “Law Students’ Party” in the Amper Club, one of the city’s most exclusive and high standard places of entertainment. On such occasions, those going out will be welcomed from 10.00 p.m. by our “regular” DJs, drink discounts and several hundreds of law students.

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Every year several foreign study trips are organized for our students. Recent destinations have included Prague, Paris, Rome, Brussels and Strasbourg. On these trips our LL.M students are also welcome, for whom we organize special cultural and recreation programmes.