About the LL.M in European and International Business Law

The LL.M Programme, in accordance with the aim of the training, provides competitive knowledge not only because of the quality of the lecturers, but also as a result of the unique and extraordinary method of the organization of studies.  It is a singular characteristic of the curriculum that it consists of courses which are worth fewer credit points, but which are of a greater variety, the advantage of which is that the fragmented, multilayered knowledge based on the different approaches will develop into a unified body of knowledge by the end of the studies, with the help of which during the writing of the thesis the student will be able to comprehend, understand and deal with current issues of business law in a complex way both at the levels of theory and practice. With a view to improving students’ competitive position, the Faculty also offers work-in-group and coaching type courses. These courses help students develop such skills that they may not have become acquainted with in their previous trainings or may not have had the opportunity to practise.

Over the training the student must complete 60 credits.

In accordance with the Hungarian accreditation requirements, the training is made up of the following parts:

Introductory Course: Introduction to the Operation of the European Union and International Business Law – 3 credits

Obligatory Module – 30 credits, 3 credits/ course


  • EU Internal Market Law
  • Comparative Contract Law
  • Intellectual Property Protection and Management
  • International Commercial Law
  • European Civil Procedure and Private International Law
  • Comparative Civil Procedure
  • EU Competition Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • European and International Insolvency Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution


Special Module – 18 credits, 3 credits/ course


  • EU Company Law and Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
  • EU-Law: Consumer Protection, Social and Labour law
  • Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters
  • Law of International Carriage of Goods, International Payment Methods and Secured Transactions
  • International and European Tax Law
  • English Legal Writing


Optional Module – 16 credits, 2 credits/ course


  • Business and Human Rights
  • Business Ethics
  • International Business Litigation Practice
  • External Commercial Relations of the European Union and International Forums of Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate Governance and Merger Control
  • Infocommunication Law of the EU
  • Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
  • Thesis Prep Course